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Quick Look Up- Square Knock in End Caps with Square Edge


Aluminium Knock In End Caps

Designed for tight fit with tapered inner edge, makes it easy to knock in with rubber mallet for secure fit. 6mm thick, 3mm sits inside, 3mm sits on top- flush with box section.

Can be Powder-Coated or Anodised.

Can make to suit any extrusion wall thickness and edge style.

A superior alternative to plastic end caps!

Aluminium Knock In End Caps

Square Caps – with Square Edge Profile – Quick look up sizes and prices

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Square Knock in Caps Square Edge

20x20x1.6, 20x20x3, 25x25x1.6, 25x25x2, 25x25x3, 32x32x1.6, 32x32x2, 32x32x3, 38x38x2, 40x40x1.6, 40x40x2, 40x40x3, 50x50x1.6, 50x50x2, 50x50x3, 65x65x1.6, 65x65x2.5, 65x65x3, 70x70x1.6, 75x75x1.6, 75x75x3, 80x80x1.6, 80x80x2.5, 90x90x1.6, 90x90x2, 90x90x3, 100x100x1.6, 100x100x3, 150x150x3