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Fencing Products 2 U is your trusted destination for all your fencing needs. Our goal is to provide you with superior quality fencing Brisbane products that are built to last.

With a keen focus on craftsmanship and durability, we ensure every product we offer meets the highest standards of excellence. So whether you're seeking to secure your property, create privacy, or simply enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, you can count on Fencing Products 2 U for reliable solutions every time.

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Our range of consumables is meticulously curated to ensure you have all the necessary small components at hand for your fencing project. From touch-up paints to lubricants and cleaners, we've got everything to maintain the beauty and functionality of your fences and gates, ensuring your installations look great and last longer.

Fence & Gate

Explore our extensive selection of fences and gates, which are designed to meet both your security needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether you're looking for the classic charm of timber fencing or the modern durability of steel, our collection offers the perfect blend of style and protection for your property.


Our balustrading options provide safety without sacrificing style, which is perfect for balconies, decks, and staircases. Crafted from high-quality materials like glass, aluminium, and stainless steel, they offer unobstructed views and a sleek finish, enhancing the overall appeal of your outdoor spaces.


Secure your fencing with our top-grade fasteners, which are engineered for strength and durability. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, our fasteners ensure your fence components are tightly held together, resisting wear and tear through all weather conditions.

Plastic Caps

Add the finishing touches to your fence posts with our plastic caps, which are designed to protect and enhance. Not only do they prevent water ingress, extending the life of your posts, but they also provide a clean, polished look to your fence line.

Steel & Aluminum Caps

Elevate the look of your fencing with our steel and aluminium caps, which offer both protection and a touch of elegance. These caps are the ideal choice for those seeking a durable solution to enhance the longevity and appearance of their fence posts.


Ensure the security of your gates and property with our range of high-quality locks. From simple latch systems to advanced locking mechanisms, our selection is designed to offer peace of mind, combining ease of use with robust security features.

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If you require trade pricing, please contact us and we will arrange for one of our sales team to get in touch with you regarding our trade pricing.

Step into Security and Style

Unleash your property's potential with Fencing Products 2 U. Experience the perfect blend of safety and aesthetics in your outdoor space with our durable, high-quality and ready to ship fencing products.

Why choose our fence products?

Discover why Fencing Products 2 U stands out as the premier choice for fencing supplies in Brisbane and beyond:

Unparalleled quality

At Fencing Products 2 U, we pride ourselves on offering superior fencing products that are designed to elevate the security and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every item, from timber fencing to powder-coated finishes, meets the highest standards of durability and style. Whether you're updating a commercial property or enhancing your home, we provide the reliable solutions you need.

Comprehensive product selection

Our full range of fencing supplies means you have access to everything you need for your fencing Brisbane project, all in one place. From essentials like locks and fasteners to specialised items like polycarbonate pool compliant covers, we've curated our inventory to include all the fencing supplies necessary for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers. This variety ensures you can find exactly what you're looking for, making your project seamless and efficient.

Expert advice

Navigating the many options for your new fence can be daunting, but our team is here to offer expert advice and support. We understand the intricacies of fencing materials and can guide you through selecting the perfect fence products for your needs. Whether you're contemplating the benefits of timber fencing or exploring fencing options for a commercial property, our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you every step of the way.

Ready to ship

We understand that time is of the essence in any fencing project. That's why we've streamlined our operations to ensure that our fencing products are ready to ship when you require them most. This commitment to efficiency helps keep your project on schedule, whether you're in Brisbane or beyond, by delivering the fencing solutions you need right to your doorstep.

Cost-effective solutions

Our focus at Fencing Products 2 U extends beyond quality and selection; we're highly dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for all our customers. By balancing premium quality with competitive pricing, we ensure that your investment in a new fence or maintenance supplies delivers value without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Family-owned integrity

As a hardworking family-owned business, we imbue every transaction with a sense of integrity and personal touch. Our dedication to customer service is unmatched, making us not just another fencing Brisbane supplier but a trusted partner in your fencing endeavours. We're here to support your vision and offer a personalised experience that large corporations simply cannot match.

Our frequently asked questions

What makes your fencing materials stand out in terms of quality?

Our fencing materials are sourced with both durability and aesthetics in mind. We understand that a fence is not just a boundary; it's a statement. That's why our fence products undergo rigorous quality checks. We strive to ensure that each product we sell not only meets but exceeds industry standards, offering our customer's peace of mind that their new fence will last for years to come while enhancing the visual appeal of their property.

How do I choose the right fencing products for my project?

Choosing the right fencing products can be daunting, but we're here to help. Our team offers personalised expert advice based on years of experience in the industry. We'll discuss your project's specific needs, considering factors like the level of security, privacy, aesthetic preferences, and environmental conditions you require, to recommend the best fencing solutions. Our goal is to ensure you're delighted with your choice, and we're committed to supporting you through every step of your decision-making process.

Do you offer eco-friendly fencing options?

Yes, we're committed to sustainability and offer a range of eco-friendly fencing options. Our selection includes materials that are not only durable and stylish, but also have a lower environmental impact. We believe in providing fence products that allow our customers to make environmentally conscious choices without compromising on quality or design. If you're interested in eco-friendly fencing supplies in Brisbane, we're more than happy to discuss our available options with you.

What warranty or guarantee do you provide for your fencing Brisbane supplies?

At Fencing Products 2 U, customer satisfaction is our priority. We stand behind the quality of our products with a comprehensive warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The specifics of the warranty vary depending on the product, but we ensure that our customers have peace of mind knowing they're investing in quality that lasts. For detailed warranty information on specific fence products, please get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to provide you with all the details you need.

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