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Fence Gate Locks

At Fencing Products 2 U, we firmly believe that security for your property isn’t just about fences and gates. The minutiae, like the quality of your gate hardware, can significantly enhance safety. Therefore, we provide a broad array of fence gate locks that includes traditional gate latches, pull latch designs, and technologically advanced magnetic latch styles. Our goal isn’t simply to enhance security; we’re equally dedicated to improving the aesthetic value of your fences and gates.

Our array of products includes highly appreciated items such as knobsets and lever sets. They serve as exceptional additions to your gate hardware, combining elegant design with user-friendly functionality. These sets don’t just ensure secure access; they also lend a unique style to your fence gate.

We extend our security solutions with sturdy lock boxes, specifically designed enclosures that protect your gate lock mechanisms from potential damage or manipulation. These boxes are particularly beneficial for any security gate latch, as they combine superior protection with easy access.

For gates of varying weights, we offer solutions like narrow style mortice locks. These easily installed locks are designed to fit within a gate’s cut-out portion, providing heightened security while maintaining an unobtrusive aesthetic. These locks are especially useful for narrow stile gates, where conventional locksets might not be appropriate.

In terms of advanced security, our digital magnetic latches stand out. These innovative, often key lockable mechanisms ensure gate security by ensuring they themselves lock automatically once the gate is closed. This self-closing feature is especially beneficial for frequently used gates, or for those who prefer not having to lock the gate manually each time.

Our selection also includes electric strikes. These devices work in conjunction with other hardware like mortice locks and magnetic latches to deliver secure, remote access control. With their versatility and robust design, they are popular choices for commercial and high-security residential settings.

We design our latches to provide easy external access and have no visible fasteners for a sleek look when mounted on your fence posts. They are particularly suited to the Australian market due to their robust construction and compatibility with local design standards.

At Fencing Products 2 U, our commitment is to provide products that seamlessly blend functionality, quality, and style, ensuring you gain the maximum value from your investment. Regardless of your specific fencing needs, our range of fence gate locks and hardware presents an exceptional solution for enhancing both the security and aesthetic appeal of your property.